The Agile Squad

Agile Scrum Course

This a 1-day course that covers the principles and (empirical) process theory underpinning the Scrum framework, giving you the need to know knowledge of the Scrum Methodology.

This course is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises, and teaches what is at the heart of the Scrum and Agile movement. The course DOES NOT Include The PSM I or any other Exam.

Throughout the course, Delegates are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace.

Delegates are challenged to think within the Scrum framework and the underlying values and principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace, applying for new roles or just to get involved in key conversation.

Knowledge and understanding Scrum will ensure you are Align with the most popular method on the market, used by Organisations like: Amazon, Netflix, Adobe, ING, and Vodafone.

What is included?

In addition to the training, delegates will receive:

  • The Scrum Guide
  • Full set of PowerPoint slides
  • Case study and Exercises (Individual and group)
  • The Agile Squad Scrum Diagram
  • Certificates of Attendance 

Course Breakdown:

  • History of Agile and Scrum
  • The Agile Manifesto 
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Scrum theory and principles
  • The Definition of Done
  • Estimating, User Story
  • Working with people and teams
  • Scrum in organisations 
Learning Objective:

  • Describe the underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile
  • Understand Scrum Events, Roles, Artefacts & Values
  • Understand and apply the core Agile values and principles
  • Understand key Agile techniques- Propitiation, User Story, estimating,
  • Know the difference between defined and empirical processes
  • Have the ability to demonstrate the Agile Mind-set and Scrum methodology 
  • Be an effective part of an Agile Team- Agile is Fun