Main Benefits

Cloud Hosted

From a PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone, you can easily access your data from anywhere at anytime. Stop relying on paperbased records and spreadsheets on your computer.

Central Database

Manage all your important contacts, communication, calendar, forms and other important admin related activities from a single system. This is a cost effective solution!

Monitoring & Tracking

The system tracks events, and important dates such as deadlines, service renewals, anniversaries etc. This means you are on track with important tasks and events.

Safe & Secure

Users will only have access to your records, and perform tasks within the boundaries of the privileges they have been granted. Gives you confidence your data is safe!

Our Core Features

Central contact directory

Allows for creating contacts, storing contact details, managing contact groups & lists etc.

Personalised communication

Allows for composing and sending personalised emails and SMS to individuals or groups of contacts.

Calendar management and date tracking

Allows for creating events, notable dates such as anniversaries and deadlines, including receiving automated notifications and reminders.

Building and managing forms

Allows for creating forms your contacts can complete and submit. This is also useful for bookings, registrations etc.


My Centre Office provides a user-friendly interface allowing users to navigate easily to carry out desired tasks.
Users are also alerted and notified when important events require immediate attention.


Pricing Instructions

Please adjust the sliders to set your Contact, Email and User License requirements.

If all you need is a basic limited package you can use My Centre Office for FREE!

Other Services & Add Ons
This includes Data Migration, Website Integration, Training and SMS Bundles.

Please contact us if you are interested in any!

Tell us what you need!

How many contacts do you have? 100

How often, on average, will you email a single contact? 1

How many user accounts will access your data? 1

Your Package
£ 0 .00 /month
  • 30 days FREE*
  • 100 Contacts
  • 100 Emails*
  • 1 User License(s)

*All packages allow for 30 days FREE usage, but limited to a single user license, 100 contacts and limited emails
*The total number of emails shown in the package/price grid is the total number of individual emails sent.
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