Why should you use MyCo?


Simple, versatile and easy to use!

Managing anything takes time and effort. Managing multiple tasks should be more challenging but MyCo makes it easier. Why? Because MyCo provides an integrated set of tools for managing contacts, calendar, bulk-emails, bulk SMS, bookkeeping and online forms. This makes it possible to run a business/non-profit that grows, ensuring that customers/contacts remain pleased, deadlines are met and important tasks like bookkeeping are on track.

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Key benefits of using MyCo!
Secured data
MyCo stores your records in one place ensuring access is restricted to authorised users.
Work smarter
Being an all in one solution, you are able to carry out tasks more efficiently from your PC, tablet or smartphone.
Save time
Because you will use a single solution, time is not wasted switching apps and copying records over.
Grow and scale
No matter how small you start or how fast you grow, MyCo supports your activities and record keeping needs.

Here is what some users have to say about MyCo...

Extremely impressed with My Centre Office... "The system has helped us tremendously in our business activities particularly with sales funnel management,email automation, tracking and scheduling activities in calendar,the analytics help us to measure and track performance as well. You can call us evangelist,we have promoted MYCO within our community as a solution for startups."
A great administrative tool..."This application has introduced us to ease in managing our ever-growing contact list. Onboarding is pretty easy and there is very good customer support that has made the migration here quite smooth."
Reginald Bassey
President, Covenant University Alumni Association
Really helpful & easy to use..."Really helpful software to track my leads, my payments, and my clients orders. Easy to use interface and with many more capabilities."
Nigerian Diaspora Engagement Program
Aquilus Management Limited
Danymay Events
Mainstream Careers

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